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Cover Photo: Kob caught by

Peter van de Steenhoven

FEATURED LURE: Storm - Flutterstick




 The Storm FlutterStick MadFlash lure sports an amazing MadFlash holographic body treatment that reflects light creating a kaleidoscope of colour. Because the MadFlash finish is actually inside the body, it continues to sparkle even after getting pounded all day. Storm's FlutterStick  MadFlash lures mimic bait fish with a quick darting sub-surface action,and on the pause, it slowly sinks with a very enticing flutter. Outfitted with premium VMC Barbarian red hooks.



QUANTUM TOUR EDITION: Review              by Clinton Stanford     


When you pick this rod up you feel quality immediately. The Tour range is an amazing rod.The first time I held the rod it feels as if it is top heavy and unbalanced, but it is the way the rod is constructed. Once you put a reel on it, it is one of the most balanced and lightest rods I have ever felt.

 Fishing with the rod is such a pleasure; it is ultra light and has an amazing action.It has a softer cushioning tip and a solid backbone to hold and pull big fish.With the cushioning tip it gives you so much feel and action on your lure.You don’t feel like you fighting to achieve the action you are wanting. Another nice feature is the solid cork butt which is slightly shorter than the Quantum  Kinetic for example. You have so much more control over your cast with pin point accuracy. The butt has a nice shape to it and is really comfortable. 

The guides are great and I am really impressed with the amount of distance I get out of the rod.

The reel seat fits in slightly to the front handle section and has a lovely comfortable feel to it. You can feel the control you have over the rod. 

The Tour range in my opinion is one of the best Spinning rods on the market. The finishes of the rod are great and the quality of the build is top notch.

For those who can afford a little more when purchasing a spinning rod, I would recommend the Quantum Tour range. Quality and comfort at its best.

 Product Details:

 These quality spinning rods are constructed using 36-ton carbon graphite blanks and are fitted with quality Fuji guides and Fuji IPS reel seats. The versatile two-piece 7’0” format and fast tapers make them ideal for a range of popular sport fishing and bait fishing styles in freshwater and salt-water. They’re especially popular for luring with soft plastic lures, with a choice of either the 6-12lb model for casting 1/8-1/2oz jig heads or the 8-17lb rod that is ideal for 1/8-3/4oz lures. A cloth bag is included to protect the stylish finish and binding.


Fuji Guides and Quality Cork Grip:

 Expect to pay between R600 - R750.  


NEW Spinning Rods to Look Out For: 

Shimano has launched a two new spinning rods to the SA market. Namely the entry level Sojourn (Composite blank with cork grip) and the Sellus with the 24 Ton Graphite blank, EVA grip and pearl white finish. The latter being a rod that most of us would make use of. Available in a one piece 6'8ft Medium with a 3/8oz lure rating, or the 7'2ft Medium Heavy with a 5/8oz rating, which one may recognise as similar to the Cumara's specifications, but at around R400, no where near the price. The rod is designed for durability, but you still get a fair amount of sensitivity. The Sellus is not in the same league as the likes of the Crucial and Cumara, but a great value rod for beginners or as a secondary spinning set-up. (see Sidebar)

Shimano has also brought out upgrades with some of the popular spinning models, with higher modulus graphite and in the "Dropshot style" split grip format. There is a new Convergence model, now up form IM-6 to IM-7. The Clarus is now IM-8 ( formerly IM-7) and the Crucial is now IM-10. The new Crucial has received mixed reviews, most anglers I've spoke to preferring the old model, but this could based on cosmetics and time will tell if the new model will be more popular - after all, it makes use of a blank much like the Cumara.

DAIWA have improved the ever popular Exceler range of spinning rods and now feature top quality Pacbay Guides. This comes most wanted as the previous model was often praised for the blank and price, yet criticized for the rubbish guides it had. But no more, the improved Exceler should make waves.
Available in 9ft , 9'6ft , 10ft & 10'6ft

BUCKTAIL LEADHEADS “The most versatile weapon”

 The bucktail tied Leadhead is one of the most valuable and versatile lures in any anglers armoury. Although not as far as a spoon or plug, a Leadhead does cast fairly well compared with a lipped lure or soft plastic for example. The weighted front section and streamlined tail make it quite aero dynamic. A top water stick baits and surface popper make for spectacular explosive hook-ups, but the bucktail Leadhead will generally out fish them..

 The  main benefits of using such a lure is the lifelike action one can attain with a Leadhead, and the various depths one is able to work them. They can either be worked slowly, on or near the bottom, medium speed with a more jerky action in mid-water, or quite fast near the surface.

With all types of lure angling, confident in the lure makes all the difference, and nothing builds confidence like catching regularly on that lure. The secret lies in knowing how to work the lure and to get a feel of how the lure is moving. A lure will move differently at the beginning of the cast and at different depths. What may seem like a good action close to the edge in shallow water may in fact be totally different 40m or so out.

  Some tips that help for me to get a feel for how the lure works was to experiment with different shape Leadheads, different and erratic wrist action and to work the Leadheads in a swimming pool. Ask your fishing buddy to cast into a pool and work the Leadhead and then take a look at the lure action from a side on view. Take note of his wrist and rod tip. Then swap and take turns to try different shapes and weights. You’ll be surprised to see how quick or slowly they sink and how the tail section moves under water. This will help visualize what you want to achieve.

 A braid of thinner diameter also helps with feel and action of the lure. The thinner braid is more responsive and has less drag on the water. I find a good 10lb braid is great for sensitivity and casting. It’s thin enough, yet still strong enough for light lure fishing. The rod style and action also make a difference.


A fairly stiff 6'6ft to 7ft rod (Medium Heavy) with a softer tip and fast to extra fast action is ideal. (See "getting started" for rod suggestions)
Once you've got the hang of it all, experiment with different retrieves and vary your speeds. Sometimes what works one day may not work every time. Differing conditions, namely water temperature, current strength, target species and moon phase may all  determine what works on the day.

 Various Bucktail Leadheads in the 3/8 to 1/2 oz range


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